General Conditions of Sale

Article 1 – Definitions.

  • “Arcachon Langues” corresponds to the company Arcachon Langues, a simplified joint-stock company with a capital of € 10,000, registered with the Bordeaux Trade and Companies Register under the number 817 793 940 and having its registered office at 4, rue Rhin et Danube – 33120 Arcachon.
  • The “Client” corresponds to the beneficiary (ies) of the services of the company Arcachon Langues.
  • The “Services” correspond to all the services offered by Arcachon Langues in respect of its educational commitments.
  • The “Registration” corresponds to the commitment made by the Client and / or its legal representatives to benefit from the Services offered by Arcachon Langues in consideration for the payment of the price at which these Services are proposed.

Article 2 – Subject. The present General Conditions of Sales aim to define the contractual relations between Arcachon Langues and the school. The Client Registration implies an unreserved acceptance of the present General Conditions by the client. These General Conditions shall prevail over any other general or particular conditions not expressly approved by Arcachon Langues. Arcachon Langues reserves the right to modify its General Conditions at any moment. In this instance, the applicable General Conditions will be those in force at the date of the registration by the customer.

Article 3 – Entry Requirements. Enrolments in lessons offered by Arcachon Langues are made by email, by post, via the Compte Personnel de Formation platform or directly by the school. Registration for French courses is guaranteed after assessment of the language level and payment of a deposit of 250 euros. All courses must be paid in full before the start of the stay. Upon reception of the payments, we will send by electronic email a certificate guaranteeing the registration of the student.

Article 4 – Payment and means of payment. All of our lessons in paid in advance. All of the payments must be made in euros. Payments can be made by cheques which should be made payable to Arcachon Langues, by bank transfer, or in cash. Any bank charges are borne by the Client.

Articles 5 – Prices. Prices of our services are those that are displayed on our website and can be consulted here: at the time of Registration, being specified that this information is not contractual. Arcachon Langues reserves the right to modify its prices at any moment. The prices displayed are the prices “All Taxes Included” in euros, taking in to account “Value Added Tax” applicable on the day of Registration, it being specified that any change to the rate can be passed on to the price of the services.

Articles 6 – Minor Pupils. Students under the age of 18 years old at the time of the course must be enrolled by their legal representative. They must present a copy of the insurance of their legal representative covering civil liability, sickness, accidents, repatriation, theft and the loss of personal belongings of the minor pupil.

Article 7 – Cancellation Period. A cancellation period of 14 days from the point of registration is guaranteed to the Customer who makes an online or email registration. In order to exercise its right of withdrawal, the Client must notify their intention to withdraw in writing, using the standard form of withdrawal attached to these present General Conditions, or any other declaration, without any ambiguity, expressing his desire to withdraw. Such notification must be made by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the address of the registered office of Arcachon Langues referred to in Article 1 hereof. Arcachon Langues is committed to reimbursing the client within the 14 days following the informal of their withdrawal. If the Customer wishes to benefit from Services before the end of the cancellation period provided for under this article, they must make an express and written demand, renouncing their right to withdrawal. The right of withdrawal mentioned above cannot be exercised for Services fully executed before the end of the period of withdrawal and whose execution has begun after the prior express agreement of the Client and expressly renounces its right to withdrawal.

Article 8 – Cancellation. Except in the case of cancellation as mentioned for in article 7 hereof, any request for cancellation and for reimbursement is subject to conditions listed below and must be addressed in writing to Arcachon Langues, by post or electronic mail. Lessons and stays cancelled by the Client more than 31 calendar days before the start of the use of Services (date of receipt of the cancellation letter), are refundable.  However, in such case Arcachon Langues will invoice to the Client a lump sum of 100 euros for the administrative costs et cancellations of courses. Lessons and stays cancelled more than 10 days before the start of the use of Services (date of receipt of the cancellation letter) are refundable up to 50% of their price. However, in such case Arcachon Langues will invoice to the client a lump sum of 100 euros for the administrative costs of cancellation. If the cancellation occurs less than 10 days before the start of the use of services, the first week of the course is due and is not refundable. The amount to be paid for the Services in the following weeks is, however, refundable, subject to the invoicing by Arcachon Langues of a lump sum of 150 euros for administrative costs and cancellation of lessons. Services cancelled after they have started are not refundable, except in the case of serious illness. In this case, the Client must provide a medical certificate proving his/her inability to continue the course. Reimbursements are made by bank transfer. For transfers out of the European Union, the corresponding bank charges will be charged to the Client. In case of cancellation of Services by Arcachon Langues, the Client will be fully reimbursed by the sums paid to the school. The cancellation or the postponement of a course cannot give rise to the payment of damages and interest by Arcachon Langues.

Article 9 – Availability of courses and levels. Arcachon Langues is solely responsible for the organisation of courses in function of availabilities of its teachers and its rooms. The level of the students is evaluated at the time of enrolment in order to place them in to an appropriate group. The organisation of a course is only guaranteed after receipt of payment and written confirmation from the school.

Article 10 – Absences and delays. In order to not disrupt the proceedings of lessons, students who arrive after they have begun may be asked to wait until the next break before entering the class. Absences and interruptions of lessons are not entitled to any reimbursement nor any compensation. Any student who does not attend a lesson has no right to a postponement.

Article 11 – Discipline. Arcachon Langues reserves the right to exclude any student who disturbs lessons, is rude or disrespectful towards other students, teachers, local or third parties.

Article 12 – Right of Publicity. Arcachon Langues may be required to photograph or film trainees for its publicity brochures or its website, unless explicitly stated otherwise by the participant or his/her legal representatives. This notice must be specified in writing at the time of enrolment. Before using a student’s image for advertising purposes or on its website, Arcachon Langues ensures that the student and his or her legal representative have given their consent if the student is a minor.

Article 13 – Thefts, losses, accidents. Arcachon Langues shall not be held liable for any loss, theft, or damage to the Client’s personal effects, including if they occur on its premises. The parties agreed that Arcachon Langues cannot be discriminated on this subject. Each Client must take out an insurance policy covering civil liability, illness, accident, repatriation, theft and the loss of personal effects. Any Client under the age of 18 years old must enclose with his/her registration form a copy of his/her certificate of insurance provided for in article 6 hereof.

Article 14 – Public Holidays. The school may be closed on French public holidays. The lessons are moved to other days of the week.

Article 15 – Personal Data. In accordance with the French Data Protection and Privacy Act No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 and its implementing decrees, the Client has the right to access, modify, rectify and delete personal data concerning him, exercisable Of Arcachon Langues at its headquarters address.

Article 16 – Sunset clause. In the event where certain clauses of the present General Conditions are null or void, this shall not affect the content nor the validity of other provisions. The invalid provision shall be replaced by an applicable clause that is as close as possible to the content and the economic value of the original clause.

Article 17 – Settlement of disputes. French courts are solely competent in the event of a dispute between the Client(s) and Arcachon Langues in respect of the Services for which these present General Conditions have been established. Only French Law is applicable.

Attachment 1: Standard withdrawal form

For the attention of ARCACHON LANGUES 4, rue Rhin et Danube – 33120 Arcachon.

I / We (*) hereby notify you (*) of my / our (*) withdrawal of the contract for the Benefit for which   I / we (*) am / are (*) enrolled in:  

Name of the Client(s) :  

Address of the Client(s) :  

Signature of the Client (s) :   Date :  

(*) Delete as appropriate.

This letter must be sent to us by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.