Special Offer

Learn together with your kids !

For parents, teens and kids from 3 years-old

Take advantage of the holiday to learn together with your family. It’s effective and fun !

Our teachers are specially trained to work with kids and teens. We learn by playing, miming, singing, crafting, acting, exercising, cooking or baking… Role-playings help you get ready to order in a restaurant, find your way in town, register for a sports activity or learn more about France and Arcachon… Depending on your needs and interests, we can also provide more academic grammar drills.

Learning by doing is the way you acquired your native language. It can greatly improve your speaking abilities and your pronunciation in French.

Sessions are held indoors or outdoors, on the beach or in the forest.

Parents and children learn together. All activities, games and drills are specially adapted to your respective levels.


  • Suggestions of homeworks to continue training between our sessions.
  • Discount rates: 15 € only per person for a family of four (90 minutes session)

Weekly packages or à la carte sessions. All levels.

Contact us to set up your own family program !