Art de vivre

Pour les groupes en séjour touristique en France, Arla propose des ateliers Art de vivre et découverte de la culture française, qui peuvent être animées en anglais ou en français. Elles invitent chaque participant à un rôle actif, pour découvrir et pratiquer lui-même la cuisine, l’étiquette, les bonnes manières ou les beaux Arts français.

Les séances peuvent durer de 1h30 à plusieurs journées. Le nombre minimum de participants est de 5 personnes. Nous pouvons aussi accueillir de grands groupes.

Nos modules Art de vivre et culture française peuvent être choisis à la carte pour proposer un séjour qui réponde exactement au profil de votre groupe.


Ils font de l’étape à Arcachon un moment absolument unique et inoubliable.

Ci-dessous la liste de nos modules, à choisir pour composer votre séjour :

Cooking and Tasting

  • Preparation of a Full French Lunch or Dinner. With the help of a local chef, we cook five typical French dishes, from « hors d’œuvres » to « café gourmand ». We provide ingredients, recipes and help, for our visitors to make a delicious 5-course meal that we share altogether.
  • The Art of French Apéritif. We present this very French tradition with a few samples : finger food, coktails, and the nice small talk that goes along with it !
  • All about Oysters ! As we are in Arcachon, we offer to taste our local oysters in different sizes and with different types of preparation, raw and cooked. As we enjoy them, we present the breeding of this very unique hermaphrodite that is alternatively male and female.
  • Cheese Tasting. An ignorant saying says that a country with so many cheese sorts can’t be taken very seriously. We prove the opposite with a tasting of a few soft, melting, mold and hard cheeses, produced in different parts of France. This session explores both France’s geography and gastronomy.
  • Wine Tasting. Learn how to taste, enjoy and talk about wines. The course gives many tips for how to choose a wine, look at it, smell it and differenciate origins or grape varieties. We learn how to price a wine : what makes a bottle more or less expensive.
  • Sweet and Bitter. As every French town, Arcachon has a few « chocolatiers » who make their own chocolates. They demonstrate their art and teach how to do our own candies.
  • Table Etiquette. France’s long royal history has left many rules and conventions governing European meals. Learn how to dress a beautiful table and behave like a gentleman.


French and French Culture

–    Survival French. The 20 essential expressions that will make your experience in France more enjoyable. A first kit to try out a few exchanges with the locals and get some friendly answers ! We learn and practice the expressions in class through short plays and games.

–    French Songs. A great way to learn a bit of French while enjoying great hits ! A karaoke night will have us travel time together from Edith Piaf to Alizée.

  • French Gallantry. This is the land of love, isn’t it ? Learn how French people practice and enjoy seduction. What makes marriages work, or not. The 10 do’s and don’ts.
  • French Humour. French Art de Vivre is also the art to laugh about ourselves, about our lives and pretty much everything. Let’s find out what make French people laugh and how to share the humour.


Fashion and Perfume

  • Learn how to dress up ! With the help of a local fashion designer, we learn how French people match colors and forms, or how they add the little accessory that greatly improves one’s figure. Explore the famous French style and understand why French women are so admired all over the world. A course for men and women !
  • An Introduction to French Perfume. Learn how to differentiate and choose a perfume. Your nose will particularly enjoy the blind tastings and our local perfume, Ecume d’Arcachon.


Discovering our Region

  • Architecture and Style. Arcachon is a perfect place to talk about architectural styles. Walking down a few streets in the Ville d’Hiver, we find an open-air exhibition of all possible world styles and influences, from chalet to castle, Gothic to Arab, Spanish to British… Let’s discover together a few examples and learn how to better read a building.
  • Into the Wild ! Arcachon and surroundings offer great opportunities to learn about birds, fishes, flowers or trees. Let’s have a walk with a naturalist who will explain how birds share their nests, how plants defend themselves or what we can eat from local trees.


Contactez-nous pour un devis personnalisé. Nous serons heureux de vous accueillir bientôt !